How to Create Ad Account on Facebook Business Manager

How to create Ad Account on Facebook Business Manager by operations pro pvt ltd

Are you planning to run ads on Facebook for your business and do not have an ad account? You do not have to worry about it. We got your back. It is very easy to create ad account on Facebook business manager.

Before you create ad account, you must have account on Facebook Business Manager. If you do not have it, here is how yow you can create Facebook Business Manager Account

A Step By Step Procedure to Create Ad Account on Facebook Business Manager with Screenshot

Step 1: Login to your Facebook Business Manager. Click on “Business Settings” > then choose “Accounts” from the list and click on “Ads Account

Step 2: Click on “+ Add” Button and choose from the options. You have to choose 3rd option “Create a new ad account” from the list

Step 3: Create Ad Account and choose your preferred time zone and currency

How to create ad account on facebook business manager

After that, you have to confirm either you are creating this ad account for yourself and for your client. If you are a marketing agency and your clients want you to do his/her marketing using ads manager, you have to choose the second option so that you client can claim his/her account after the completion of your account. If you yourself own the business, then you can select first option.

Step 4: You can ad people from the search bar and give them permission to manage your business manager account. But beware about the roles. Give them access that you are comfortable for and give access as per requirement.

Step 5: Once you assign the role, you ad account will be created.

Before you run your add, you have to go to payment methods as shown in the above picture and provide payment credentials to run your ads. Once you are done with the payment methods, you can go to top of the page and select “Ads Manager” to create ad campaigns.

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