Digital marketing involves both SEO & Graphics designing process. So, we have classified the list of free tools for digital marketing into different sections. These are divided in terms of SEO, graphics, social media & writing tools. You can use all these tools to enhance your digital marketing experience.

Consider all these tools as an alternative to all the expensive tools for which you have to pay a large sum of monthly subscription fees. If you are a starter or don’t have enough budget, then it is completely understandable to make use of these tools. So, without further ado let’s get started.

Free SEO Tools

Google Analytics

The first tool on our list is Google Analytics which sums up to be everything for analyzing your website metrics. This is a real-time analytics tool to track the overview of your traffic and user behavior. It has a very simple and easy interface to learn while providing access to observe the traffic source of your website as well. This is the best free alternate free tool for Chartbeat.

Google Search Console/Webmaster

The next in list of free tools for digital marketing is the google search console or also known as google webmaster. Another amazing tool for checking the indexation of all the URLs of your website. Using this tool, you can index and de-index your website among other things. Google search console also helps in optimizing the visibility of your website.

Google Trends

The trend is something that can generate huge organic traffic for your website and as soon as some topic is trending you can target it to get the most out of it. Google trends help you analyze the search terms that are trending at the time and almost everyone wants to know about them. This is a free tool and if utilized correctly can be very beneficial for your SEO.


It is a very powerful tool to understand your user behavior and know their pain points. You can clearly see how a visitor navigates your website and how much they time they spend or scroll on your web page. You can see all that information in the form of scroll maps, click maps, and heatmaps. This way you can insert your messages at a specified location on your web page to generate leads.

Yoast SEO

If you want full control over your on-page SEO metrics, then this should be your go-to option. This is the best and most widely used tool for the on-page optimization of your website.  Its free version gives you enough access to completely handle your burden while fixing the on-page SEO issues.


The next tool on our list is UberSuggest which gives you all help for keyword research, traffic checking, backlink profile checking, and website stats analysis. This would probably be the only tool that would offer you the access to do all that on the free version. This is very accurate as well in terms of their stats as well.


Now we have GTmatrix which is a very important tool for you to have as it allows you to analyze website speed. This way you’ll have complete details on how your website is loading on different devices and how much time it takes for your website to load. You’d also be able to see suggestions that you can implement to optimize the loading speed.

Free Writing Tools


Writing is very important in terms of digital marketing whether you are writing your website landing page copy or creating an SEO-optimized article. When you are writing means you are creating content and content is everything. Hemmingway is a very powerful tool to improve and optimize your writing skills.

Hemmingway helps you see which mistakes have you made and what you can do to improve them. You get a grade according to which you can see how much you can enhance the quality of your content.


The next on the list of free tools for digital marketing is Grammarly. Using this tool, you can be sure that there won’t be any grammatical mistakes and you can optimize your content accordingly. Not only that but you also get to create better sentences.

The free version of this tool gives you enough functionality to optimize your content and be error-free. Google doesn’t get a content ranked which has many grammatical mistakes so make sure to check out this tool as well.

If you want to learn about how to use all these digital marketing tools then you can take Operations Pro digital marketing course.

Free Email Marketing Tools


There is not just one but many reasons to use this amazing free email marketing tool. MailChimp will let you know how many subscribers have opened your email. Some other useful insights you’d get include how many people unsubscribed after receiving your email. This way you’ll understand how your audience is reacting to your emails.

HubSpot Lead generation and pop-up tool

If you want to gather information about your leads and use that for email marketing, then this is the tool for you. The free version of this tool would get a pop-up on your website for visitors to enter their email addresses. You would get some useful information on your visitors like seeing which page is the generation most leads.

Generating leads with email marketing requires such information that you can get from HubSpot Lead Generation and Pop-Up Tool. So, use this tool to get the most out of it.

Free Social Media Tools


Talking about free social media tools then WP2Social can’t be missed. This amazing tool helps you share your posts on Facebook. Whenever you publish a post you don’t have to log in to Facebook and then post the link there. It will do all the work for you. Most of the time we even forget that we have to post our content on social profiles, so this is pretty amazing that it does all the work for you.

You can publish customizable messages on Facebook. Your post gets published with an image and link. You can also choose if you want to skip any post to be published on your social media page.

SumoMe Share

Next on our list is Sumo Me Share Buttons. Almost on all the websites, the share buttons you see on the side of the website are from Sumo Me. They can be really helpful in increasing the traffic. You can customize which social sharing buttons to be shown and on which pages. Use this social sharing to get more engagement.

Simply Measured

All social media platforms are important not just Facebook and Instagram. Simply measured gives you complete insights report on your social’s performance. You can clearly observe how much time and effort you should be putting into your social media campaigns.

Free Graphics Tools

free tools for digital marketing of your business


Graphics play a huge role in digital marketing and highly impact the performance of your business. Having good graphics can be very persuasive for a visitor to make a purchase. Canva is one of the best free tools to create graphics designing without requiring any special or technical skills. It has a very user-friendly interface and amazing templates and themes for designing that you can use.


Crello is another amazing tool for designing your website logo, infographics, and much more. This can be considered as an alternative to canva but each of these tools have different templates, themes, and designs. So, we recommend you check out both these tools to have a better variation in your designs.

Design Wizard

Design Wizard is also an exceptional tool for designing your graphics. It has more than 10,000 templates you can use with a very easy-to-use interface for beginners. Its free version has everything you need to design your post or anything you need for your digital marketing campaign.

Adobe Spark

This is the best alternative for the paid tool Adobe Illustrator. It is the closest to what you can get from the paid version. It is provided by the same company and comes with a bunch of free templates. Using this you can create posters, ad campaigns, videos, and much more. Use these free tools for digital marketing to enhance your skills.


Another phenomenal tool offered by the providers of Coral Draw is Gravit. This tool can be used to create amazing interfaces for your mobile apps and vector arts. This tool can be of great aid for creating the UI to increase the user experience.


It allows you to draw freely and doesn’t charge you anything for using all the graphics designing features. Consider it like photoshop but easy to use for both beginners and experts. Once you get used to it then it would be your go to tool for all designing solutions.


We hope that all these tools help you in your journey of digital marketing. All these tools give you free access so there is no excuse to avoid putting effort into your digital marketing strategy.


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