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Learn everything about Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing in our weekend only program. This course will introduce you with all latest SEO Tools, Techniques, 2020 Trends and lots of tips to Rank your business #1 on Google 

21 Aug, 2021

Who needs SEO?

Just take a minute and think who do not want to rank their business or professional profile at top of Google? Its everyone. Either you a running a small business at a local market, or buying/selling online products, either you are a doctor, lawyer, auditor, business consultant, engineer, freelancer or even a student, Everyone wants to be at # 1 on Google.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques can help you reach their. In this course, will aim to equip our participants with the in depth knowledge and working of Search Engines in today’s digital era. What you will learn in SEO course? Have a look at our course content. 

Why Choose Us?

We are in Search Engine Optimization for years and have taught thousands of fresher and experienced professionals to date. We have shaped their career in digital marketing, SEO specialization and PPC strategist. If you are a dreamer and dreaming of becoming a successful SEO Analyst, we can help you turn into reality.

Why you Should learn SEO?

  • Highly Demanded skillset these days

  • A lot of people have made a successful SEO Career

  • Search Engine Optimezer make Good Money

  • Being A Web Designer and Content Writer is not Enough

  • Seo is already recognized as a career.

Jobs & Careers Scope After Attending our SEO Course

Start SEO Agency
PPC specialist
Digital Marketing Agency
E-Commerce Expert

Enlighten yourself with SEO 2020 Insights

Who should attend?

Course Content

  • What is SEO?
  • SEO Jargons
  • Basics of Search Engines, Search Crawlers / Spiders & Bots.
  • How Search Engines Work.
  • What is On-page & Off-page SEO?
  • Ethical (White hat) & Unethical (Black Hat / Grey Hat) SEO.
  • Important factors of SEO.
  • Types of Links.
  • SEO Trends 2020

  • Why Keywords are important in SEO?
  • Understand the use of Short-Tail and Long-Tail keywords.
  • Location Based Keywords (Geo-specific)
  • Google Keyword Planner Tool.
  • Competition Analysis

  • How to optimize each website page
  • Optimizing Page Title, Meta Description, Anchor Text, Tags, Link Title, Link URL, Breadcrumbs, and Images
  • Inner Linking & Outbound Linking.
  • Search engine friendly website structure & layout.
  • XML sitemap creation.
  • Practicing on Tools (Yoast SEO, Moz SEO)

  • Understanding Snippets and their importance in SEO
  • How to create rich snippets
  • Optimization techniques for Google Answer Box.

  • What is inbound link or backlink?
  • Importance of backlinks Search Engine Optimization.
  • DMOZ site submission & guidelines.
  • Ways to create Quality Backlinks
  • What is Alexa & how to increase Alexa ranking?

  • Website loading speed optimization.
  • Minified CSS (.css), minified Javascript (.js) & CSS Sprite.
  • Minimizing HTTP calls.
  • 301 permanent redirection & 302 temporary redirection.
  • Cannibalization issue & how to fix.
  • 404 broken link analysis & redirection
  • Sitemap file.

  • Introduction to Mobile SEO.
  • Different elements of mobile optimization.
  • Fundamental differences between laptop (desktop) and Mobiles' SEO.
  • Responsive Web Design (RWD).
  • Mobile separate site.
  • What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page)?
  • Mobile View Port optimization techniques.

  • Introduction to blogging.
  • Setting up a Blog
  • Optimization of a Blog for SEO.
  • Why blogging is important for SEO and lead generation.
  • How to come up with a idea.

“Practicing Tools”

Get Hands-on Experience on the following Tools (Learn 10+ Tools Practically)

Google Ads

Yoast SEO

Google Webmaster Tool


Google Analytics

Bin Webmaster Tool

Google Speed

Google My Business

Google Search Console



Googke Keyword

If you are unsatisfied with our SEO Course, get 100% refund within 24 hours after attending 1st session.

Training Schedule





21st August, 2021


3 PM - 6 PM (Sat & Sun)


1 Month


1st Floor, Umer Building, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad

Training Fee

8,000/- only

Last Date

10 Aug 2021 To Avail Discount

Limited Seats Left