WeBOC & Import / Export Training

Two Days Comprehensive session to learn everything regarding Import and Export Business; procedures, documentations, and use of WeBOC Platform for custom clearance.

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18, 19, 25 & 26 Sept, 2021

Why Attend this training?

If you are planning to start your import/export business or already working in the industry, this is your chance to get familiar with all trading secrets, import/export procedures, documentations, and navigation of WeBOC Software to carry out business activities easily. 

International Trading is not only a key to business growth around the world but also a source to achieve operational excellence. Unfortunately, people in Pakistan are unaware about International Trade  (import/export) procedures and documentation standards. Unfortunately, it has been made a very difficult profession and service provider charge huge amount for their services due to the unawareness. 

Our Training will cover everything you need to know in order to start/manage Import & Export Business in Pakistan


What is WeBOC? – Essential for every trader working in Pakistan

Either you are importing/exporting sample, or you want to send/receive partial or full container, you need to go through the WeBOC software. 

Government of Pakistan has taken many initiatives to digitize International Trading operations within the country. WeBOC (Web Based One Custom) software has been introduced by the FBR and IRIS to manage all Import, Export and Custom Clearance activities. WeBOC is capable to create, manage and submit import and export requests, Good Declaration requests, make online payments, claim duty draw backs, submit legal documents, link SROs and HS codes, and many other options. 

WeBOC not only reduces cost and processing time drastically for goods clearance, but also works in accordance with latest SROs and international price mechanisms. Companies are rigorously adapting WeBOC for trading activities. 


Training Content


Brief Introduction of International Trade

Significance of Import & Export Business in Pakistan

Trade Opportunities to Start & Expand Business

Import / Export Procedures in Pakistan

A brief introduction of Import and Export processes prevailing in Pakistan

Understanding of Shipping Terms -
" INCOTERMS 2020 "

Learn, Understand & Speak trade language used around the world. Understand how INCOTERMS 2020 works for SECURE & Efficient trading

Trade Benefits by Govt. of Pakistan

Claiming Duty Drawbacks, DTRE, Export Processing Zones and other Benefits

Import & Export Documentation

Create and Manage documents required by Banks, FBR, IRIS, Custom Clearance officers and agents, and  Importers & Exporters

How to Register for WeBOC

Learn how to get WeBOC for your business. Our consultants and team will help you throughout the process untill you get it. 

Use of WeBOC for Import

Learn to work with EIF (Electronic Import Form), Importing terms (L/C – Letter of credit, Insurance), Terms of payments and Bank challans. 

Use of WeBOC for Export

Learn to work with Export Forms (e-form), L/C, Invoice, Contracts, HS Codes 2020, Payment & Sale Terms 

Good Declaration (GD) in WeBOC

Learn to write, validate, submit and approve Import / Export GD to perform Trade Transactions anywhere around the world. 

WeBOC LIVE Navigation

Learn to use WeBOC for any sort of trading activity. You will learn everything practically. 

Training Schedule

Upcoming batches of our WeBOC & Import/Export Training are starting from



2, 3, 9 & 10 Oct 2021


10 AM - 04 PM


Grand Luxury Hotel, Main Road, Gulgasht Colony, Multan



18, 19, 25 & 26 Sept, 2021


10 AM - 04 PM


1st Floor, Umer Building, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad



18, 19, 25 & 26 Sept, 2021


10 AM - 04 PM


G-47, DHA Phase I, near Masjid Chowk, Lahore

Training Fee: Rs. 10,000/- 7,000/-  includes

  • Training Material (Lectures)
  • Tea/Coffee & Refreshments each day
  • Lunch
  • Stationary 
  • Important Document Templates worth Rs. 15,000/- (e.g samples of commercial invoices, import/export contracts, L/C, HS Codes list, etc)
  • Training Certificate
  • Networking opportunity with Industry Professionals

Limited Seats left


  • Alumni Discount: 10%
  • Group Discount: 
    • 10% for 3 participants
    • 15% for 4 participants
    • 25% for 5 participants & above
How to use WeBOC and do Import Export Business in Pakistan by operations pro